Our Model

We work to help our clients reduce the chaos in their lives, to increase their experiences of feeling valued, and to address mid- and long-term individual goals, emphasizing treatment adherence.  Our program builds on three key strategies.

Housing First Model Peer Model Harm Reduction Philosophy

Housing First Model

“Housing first” is crucial to helping our clients regain self-confidence and control over their lives, which is key to helping them access life-saving clinical care services.  The “housing first” model prioritizes housing before all other goals.

Peer Model

Peer staff help our clients build inroads to stability. These paid staff members are themselves living with HIV and/or in recovery, and are directly aligned with the health care and social service systems that clients need. 

Harm Reduction Philosophy

In addition to our “housing first” model of care, we utilize a harm reduction approach.  We meet all of those we encounter where they are at and support them in achieving THEIR goals.