Replication and Technical Assistance

We are proud to announce our partners in replication!

The Open Door is dedicated to improving the lives of our current clients and other vulnerable individuals who have not yet found the help needed to overcome homelessness and prioritize their health. With a generous grant from AIDS United and the MAC AIDS Fund, this forgotten population will finally find help in other cities. The grant allows us to distribute money to other programs that are interested in replicating our model and its success.

The programs selected to replicate our supportive housing program will be the Ursuline Sisters HIV/AIDS Ministry in Youngstown, Ohio and Prevention Point Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to funding, we will provide support to ensure the success of the new programs. We will be responsible for training, problem solving, implementation assistance, research, and ongoing support as we expand the reach of our program to the population of people who are homeless and living with HIV in Youngstown, Ohio and Philadelphia, PA.

We are always looking for ways to improve our programs, expand our services, and provide support to those who need it the most. The funding has also allowed us to create a free toolkit, which can be found below, for other programs to use as a guide for creating their own supportive housing program. We are thrilled that our programs’ and clients’ success can now be felt across the nation by those who struggle with homelessness and HIV.

Interested in starting a harm reduction housing program or representative payee services?

We have a rate package for our consultation services.  If you are interested in our consultation,  please contact us for further information on costs at*

*Consultation may be available for free or at reduced cost based on the financial needs of the organization applying for services.

Please see below for our H2 (Housing is Healthcare) Toolkit:

H2 (Housing is Healthcare) Toolkit