The Open Door, Inc. provides a multitude of services to ensure our clients have a successful transition into stable housing and continue to maintain stable housing. The services offered are:

  • Permanent and transitional housing
  • On site staff 7 days a week
  • Representative Payee Services
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Case Management referrals
  • Substance abuse treatment referrals
  • Educational classes
  • Support groups
  • Mental health referrals
  • Homemaker & home health aide services
  • Transportation
  • Group meals
  • Quality of life events (both in the house and community)
  • Consumer Advisory Board

Supportive Housing

We own a 15-unit apartment building that serves 14 clients at any one time (one apartment serves as our on-site staff office). Each unit is a one-bedroom, fully furnished apartment.

The building is located within the Pittsburgh city limits, but for the privacy and protection of the individuals we serve, the specific location cannot be disclosed.

To refer a client to our housing program visit our referral page.

Representative Payee Service

The representative payee service is simple and we believe it could be the key to solving much of the homeless problem, not only for people living with HIV, but also for anyone experiencing housing instability.

The representative payee services help secure housing for our clients by managing their income, paying their rent and bills, providing them with their requested amount in spending, and helping them save money. We have found that this helps to reduce stress and chaos in our clients’ lives and allows them to prioritize their medical care and treatment.

To refer a client to our representative payee program visit our referral page.